3 Card Poker on a Mac

Read our guide on how to play 3 card poker and find out about the house edge, the typical pay-out table and the best strategy for playing Three Card Poker.
    The top casinos that are Mac compatible and feature Three Card Poker tables, are listed below.  Each of these casinos allow you to play 3-Card Poker for free on your Mac computer.  You can play the game on the flash casinos with your Mac X operating system including Leopard, Snow Leopard, 10.4 Tiger and Mac OS 9.2.

Playing Three Card Poker Online

Tri-Card Poker.

Three Card Poker Facts

Skill Level Needed: Nil
Aces: high and low
Type of game: Playing cards
House Edge: 3.5%
What to look for: Look for casinos with a generous payout table.
Mac Compatible Casinos with 3 Card Poker: Bet Online U.S. Mac Casino, Bovada.lv U.S. Mac Casino

Object of Three Card Poker

To beat the dealers hand. If you are playing Pair Plus, you'll need to achieve a pair or better in order to make a winning hand.

A how to guide on playing 3 Card Poker

1. Player places a ante bet, a Pair Plus bet or both on the table.
2. The dealer deals three cards to the players and to himself.
3. The players playing the ante bet will have to decide to place an additional bet equal to the ante bet or fold. Pair Plus players do nothing.
4. The dealer's cards are flipped over.
5. If the dealer has a Queen or better, the dealer will have a qualifying hand. Ante bet players are paid out if they beat the dealer's hand. Pair Plus players are paid out if they have a pair or better. If the dealer doesn't have a Queen or better, the dealer will not have a qualifying hand. Ante bet players will have there bets pushed. Pair Plus players are paid out if they have a pair or better.

Pay-out schedules

Ante Bet
Dealer doesn't qualify = push
Beating a qualified hand = 1:1
Straight ante bonus = 1:1
Three of a Kind ante bonus = 4:1
Straight Flush ante bonus = 5:1

Pair Plus
Pair = 1:1
Flush = 4:1
Straight = 6:1
Three of a Kind = 30:1
Straight Flush = 40:1


3 Card Poker is purely a game of chance.  There is a few things you can do to limit the casino's edge over you.  Only play if you make a Queen or better and look for a generous pay table.