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What is the website all about? Mac Online Casinos is a website built by Mac users for Mac users.  Back when we started this website we were fed up with the lack of information on casinos that were Mac compatible, so we built this website to keep the Mac casino player informed.  Times were different then, there were few websites that cared about the Mac user and even fewer casinos that could run on a Mac.  Most of the information online about so called Mac compatible casinos was wrong.  No one actually tested the casinos to verify that they would run smoothly on a Mac.  Most didn't and that is why we built this website.
    We have listed and reviewed the best online casinos that are compatible with a Mac, so you can use your Apple computer to play your favourite casino games.

Best Mac Compatible Casinos

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Playing Casino Games on a Mac

It wasn't too long ago when casino players didn't have any great options, if they were on a Mac.  Thankfully, that is no longer true.  You can, if you are on a Mac, play at all of the best online casinos including the Bet Online Casino, Bovada and the 888 Casino.
    Currently there is a variety of great online casinos that are Mac compatible.  There is currently no "download" versions of online casinos available for Apple computer users, but many offer a full casino in their flash versions.  Don't get fooled, not all flash casinos are Macintosh compatible.  Unlike most websites out there, we have tested the casinos, just to make sure that all of our casinos that are listed as Mac compatible, actually are.  Check out our casino reviews, where you will find out which video poker, slots and table games are available in the flash versions of their software.
    It won't matter if you are using the latest operating system by Apple, running an iMac, a MacBook, MacBook Pro or a Mac Mini.  All of the flash, no download, casinos that we have listed are compatible with Apple's Snow Leopard 10.6, Leopard 10.5, Tiger 10.4, Panther 10.3, Jaguar 10.2, Puma 10.1, Cheetah 10.0 or any of the other operating systems built by Apple computers.  There are also a few Mac poker rooms available now.