Playing Blackjack on a Mac

Read our review on playing Blackjack online with a Mac computer.  Find out how to play blackjack, the house edge and the best Mac online casinos with Blackjack. Every casino that is Mac compatible has at least one variation of Blackjack. Free blackjack games with a Mac can be played at the flash casinos, no download casinos, at the casino websites.  It won't matter which Mac OS you are using.  Snow Leopard, Leopard, Puma, Tiger or any Mac OS X software will be compatible with the popular casinos listed below.

Playing Blackjack Online

Blackjack on a Mac.

Blackjack Facts

Skill Level Needed: High
Aces: 1 and 11
Type of game: Playing cards
House Edge: less than 1% depending on house rules and your strategy
What to look for: Try to find a casino that offers a player friendly rules.
Mac Compatible Casinos with Blackjack: 888 Casino, Bet Online Casino U.S. Mac Casino, U.S. Mac Casino

Object of Blackjack

To beat the dealer by having a higher hand or making the dealer bust.

A how to guide on playing Blackjack

1. Player places a bet on the table.
2. Cards are dealt to the player and the dealer.
3. The dealer shows off one of his cards, if its an Ace, he will ask the players if they want to buy insurance.
4. The dealer will check his second card if his first card showing is an Ace or an ten.  If there the dealer has a blackjack all hands are lost, unless one of the players were dealt a blackjack, then it would be a push.
5. If the dealer doesn't have a blackjack, the player will have an option to surrender, stand, hit, double or split his cards.
6. If the player hit or split his cards, they will have the option to stand, hit or re-split his hand until he stands or busts.
7. The dealer will now play his hand, the dealer will continue taking cards till he has a 17 or higher.  Once he has 17 he must stand.
8.The dealer will now pay out the winning hands.

Blackjack Terminology

Surrender: The player surrenders half his bet after looking at his cards and seeing the dealer's up card.
Stand: The player stops receiving cards from the dealer.
Hit: The player is asking the dealer for another card.
Insurance: Is a side bet whether or not the dealer has a blackjack or not, the bet is only available when the dealer has an Ace showing.
Double: The player will double his bet and will get one more card and only one more card from the dealer. This bet is only available if you haven't hit or stand yet.
Split: The player decides to split a pair into two separate hands.
Blackjack: An Ace and a ten card (10, Jack, Queen, King).
Bust: When the player's or dealer's hand is over 21.

Blackjack Strategy

For a casino game, blackjack has a lot of strategy.  Players should follow a blackjack strategy table while playing.  Some noteworthy points are, don't buy insurance, find casinos with player friendly rules and if you are serious about winning in blackjack, learn to count cards to get a small edge over the casino.  If you are looking to fine tune your blackjack strategy, then playing at the Bovada Casino and claiming a $250 Bovada Casino bonus, would be a good place to start.