Caribbean Stud on a Mac

Read our guide on Caribbean Stud including how to play, the house edge and the best strategy for Caribbean Stud.  There is no shortage of Mac compatible casinos featuring this game, most of the best online casinos have this very popular casino game.  Playing the progressives greatly increases the house edge, but not playing it makes this game somewhat boring.  Bovada has an online casino that usually has a high progressive jackpot at the Caribbean Stud tables.  You can also start your winning streak early by getting a $250 deposit bonus at the Bovada Casino.

Playing Caribbean Stud Online

Caribbean Stud Online.

Caribbean Stud Facts

Skill Level Needed: Minimal
Aces: high and low
Type of game: Playing Cards
House Edge: 2.6%
What to look for: Try to find a casino that has a large progressive jackpot.
Mac Casinos with Caribbean Stud: Bet Online Casino U.S. Mac Casino, U.S. Mac Casino

Object of Caribbean Stud

To beat the dealer's hand.

A how to guide on playing Caribbean Stud

1. Player antes up a bet and possibly a $1 progressive jackpot bet.
2. The dealer deals out the cards to the player and himself.
3. The dealer shows his first card.
4. The player decides whether to fold or raise his bet (the raise is equal to 2 times the ante).
5. The dealer's cards are shown.

If the dealer doesn't have a qualifying hand (Less than AK).
The hand is a push and only the ante is paid, regardless of your hand.

Your progressive jackpot winnings is paid out if you have a flush or higher.

If the the dealer has a qualifying hand (AK or better) then;
You will be paid out if your hand is of higher value than the dealer's.
Your progressive jackpot winnings is paid out if you have a flush or higher.

Pay-out schedules

Regular Bet:
Royal Flush = 100:1
Straight Flush = 50:1
Four of a Kind = 20:1
Full House = 7:1
Flush = 5:1
Straight = 4:1
Three of a Kind = 3:1
Two Pair = 2:1
Pair or less = 1:1

Progressive Jackpot Bet:
Royal Flush = 100% of Progressive Jackpot
Straight Flush = 10% of Progressive Jackpot
Four of a Kind = $500
Full House = $100
Flush = $50


Caribbean Stud is a game of chance, but you can greatly decrease the house edge by only betting on hands that are AK or better.  You also should look for large progressive jackpots and a generous progressive pay out table if you are planning of playing the progressive jackpot bet.  Some of the largest online Caribbean Stud progressive jackpots have been won at Bovada Casino.  You will also be able to get a $250 new player bonus at the Bovada Casino that you can use at most of the table games.